Exciting Updates Coming to Starfield in 2024

Bethesda Game Studios has unveiled its exciting plans for Starfield in 2024. Players can look forward to new ship customization options, expanded gameplay settings, and official mod support. The upcoming Shattered Space expansion promises to deliver new story content, locations, and gear. Get ready for an immersive sci-fi adventure like never before!

New Ship Customization Options

Exciting Updates Coming to Starfield in 2024 - 1380462177

Bethesda Game Studios is expanding on ship customization in Starfield. Players will have access to ship decorations, new building options, and more. This allows for a personalized and unique spacefaring experience.

Imagine decking out your ship with custom paint jobs, interior designs, and even unique furniture pieces. The new ship customization options will truly make each player's vessel their own.

With the ability to customize your ship, you can showcase your style and creativity as you explore the vastness of space in Starfield.

Enhanced Gameplay Settings

Starfield is introducing all-new gameplay options in 2024. These settings go beyond the traditional difficulty settings, allowing players to customize various aspects of their gameplay.

Customize Your Experience

Players will have the ability to adjust carry capacity, cargo access distance, ship damage, vendor credits, afflictions, survival mechanics, and more. This level of customization ensures that each player can fine-tune their gameplay to their liking.

A Challenging Adventure

If you're looking for a tougher experience, you can ramp up the difficulty and test your skills in the harsh depths of space. On the other hand, if you prefer a more relaxed journey, you can make adjustments to make the game easier and focus on exploration and discovery.

With these enhanced gameplay settings, Starfield offers a truly tailored experience for every player.

Official Mod Support with Creations

Bethesda Game Studios is bringing official mod support to Starfield with the launch of Creations. This means that players will have access to a new Creation Kit, allowing them to create and share their own mods.

Modding has always been a significant part of Bethesda games, and Starfield is no exception. The introduction of official mod support opens up a world of possibilities for players to enhance their gameplay experience.

Whether it's new quests, custom items, or even total conversions, the modding community will undoubtedly bring fresh and exciting content to Starfield.

The Highly Anticipated Shattered Space Expansion

Starfield's first expansion, Shattered Space, is set to release in 2024. This expansion promises to deliver a wealth of new content for players to explore and enjoy.

New Story Content

Embark on a thrilling new narrative as you uncover the mysteries of the shattered space. Encounter new characters, make impactful choices, and shape the future of the Starfield universe.

Discover New Locations

Explore uncharted territories and visit stunning new locations across the galaxy. From bustling cities to remote outposts, each location offers unique experiences and challenges.

Equip Yourself with New Gear

Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology with the new gear introduced in the Shattered Space expansion. Arm yourself with advanced weaponry, protective gear, and other valuable tools to aid you in your interstellar adventures.

Prepare yourself for an epic expansion that will take your Starfield journey to new heights.

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