Discover the Exciting Projects from a Innovative Video Game Studio

Half Mermaid, a renowned video game studio, is teasing their upcoming projects, codenamed 'Project C' and 'Project D'. Dive into the intriguing details of Project C, a new cinematic experience that promises something kaleidoscopic in the future. Explore the survival horror of Project D, set in 1983 during Ronald Reagan's presidency. Discover the clues hidden within the redacted Steam listings and stay tuned for more updates from Half Mermaid.

Unveiling the Mysterious Projects

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Half Mermaid, the innovative video game studio, has recently teased their upcoming projects, known as 'Project C' and 'Project D'. While details are scarce, these projects promise to deliver unique and captivating gameplay experiences.

Let's dive deeper into the clues provided in the redacted Steam listings and unravel the mysteries behind these exciting projects.

Project C: A Kaleidoscopic Cinematic Experience

Project C, the first of the two projects, offers a glimpse into something kaleidoscopic in the future. With a poetic quote from Corinthians 13:12, the game promises to push the boundaries of cinematic experiences in the gaming world.

The accompanying video showcases mesmerizing kaleidoscopic imagery and a mysterious blinking face, leaving players intrigued about what awaits them in this unique gaming adventure.

Project D: A Terrifying Survival Horror

Project D takes a different turn, offering a survival horror experience set in the year 1983, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. The redacted Steam listing hints at something bad happening and mentions doors, leaving players to wonder what horrors await them.

The video teaser for Project D features audio of 'shots fired' and police chatter, followed by Ronald Reagan's voice saying, 'We are Americans.' This eerie combination sets the tone for a terrifying journey that players will embark on.

More to Come: Stay Tuned for Updates

Sam Barlow, the lead of Half Mermaid, expressed surprise at the quick discovery of the teasers and hinted that more details will be shared soon. Gamers and fans alike are eagerly awaiting further updates and announcements from the studio.

Stay tuned to Half Mermaid's social media channels and official website for the latest news on Project C, Project D, and other exciting projects that this innovative video game studio has in the pipeline.

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